A trip to US West – Day 12

July 15, 2019 To start our journey to the Valley of Fire state park, we ate our breakfast in quite a hurry. This was because the temperature outside will be hot at noon so we decided to go early. It is the first and oldest of Nevada’s state park. The short trip took about 1 […]

A trip to US West – Day 11

July 14, 2019 That morning we ate two burger buns with cheese in the middle. First we headed to the Fabulous Las Vegas sign, which is starred in many Hollywood movies. There is a long queue in front of the sign, obviously people wanted to take pics with it :). We also took some photos […]

A trip to US West – Day 10

July 13, 2019 We departed from Williams, AZ with a cup of coffee and some pancake with honey. I devoured the pancake and at the same time savored the honey. When we were done, we got dressed and ready for our next destination. Our plan was to go to Las Vegas by route 66 and […]

A trip to US West – Day 9

July 12, 2019 We started our Journey with waffles and a cup of coffee. After almost 1 hr drive, we reached Tusayan and we stopped at Tusayan Grand Canyon Visitor Center to see if we can get some details of the national park because we thought that it’s the actual visitor center, but we were […]

A trip to US West – Day 4

UTAH – Life Elevated July 7, 2019 Early morning, before Sunrise, dad went to the park to take some sunrise photos. We were sleeping. Dad’s plan was to be back for breakfast. He went to The Windows section to capture the sunrise, as it’s famous for the sunrise view. Hikers usually sit on the Window […]

A Trip to US West – Day 2

NEW MEXICO – The Land of Enchantment July 5, 2019 It’s morning 8 AM, I woke up by hearing my name. Dad was calling me for breakfast. We all slept for long due to the previous night tiring journey and the activities during the day. We need to have breakfast and continue our journey. Our […]

My First Post

Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller. — Ibn Battuta. This is my first ever post on my blog. Jotting down what I saw in my trips. You will get to see some nice photos/moments captured by my dad. Keep reading!!