A Trip to US West – Day 2

NEW MEXICO – The Land of Enchantment

July 5, 2019

It’s morning 8 AM, I woke up by hearing my name. Dad was calling me for breakfast. We all slept for long due to the previous night tiring journey and the activities during the day. We need to have breakfast and continue our journey.

Our second stop is Santa Fe, New Mexico. We started from Alamogordo around 11:30 AM. We had only one destination in our plan in Santa Fe – Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, which is around 250 miles away from Alamogordo. The park is open only till 4 PM.

Kasha-Katuwe means “white cliffs” in the Pueblo language Keresan. It has cone shaped tent rock formations due to the volcanic eruptions that occurred 6 to 7 million years ago.

We reached the park after 3:00 PM. We had the lunch and thought to take one trail. But we saw some people coming back from trail and they informed that the rangers are already there and they are sending back the public. So we just took some snaps and left to the hotel, so we can plan for the next day.

A view from the parking lot.
Can’t believe how the rock formation stays on top.

We checked into the hotel, and took some rest. For dinner, we picked up an Indian restaurant – Paper Dosa. It’s a well rated restaurant at Santa Fe, we knew there will be a long wait to get a seat from the reviews. We had to wait 30 mins to get a table. It has variety of South Indian items, especially Dosa. Dosa is similar to pancake made of rice and black lentils. “Paper Dosa” has dosa that is thinner than the regular pan cake. We ordered Paper Dosa, Classic Masala Dosa and Paneer & Peas Dosa. It was yummy and delicious. The restaurant ambiance also is awesome. If you ever pass through Santa Fe, don’t miss a chance for dinner here, if you are fond of South Indian dishes.

After dinner, we headed back to hotel, our parents were planning about the next day, while I was watching cartoon in the TV.

Our initial plan was to go to Four corners monument from Santa Fe. But my dad read some reviews about it which made him to remove that from the list and we changed the plan and added Durango, Colorado in our trip.

We decided to go to bed early, so we can start early next day to Colorado and continue our trip.

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