A trip to US West – Day 11

July 14, 2019

That morning we ate two burger buns with cheese in the middle. First we headed to the Fabulous Las Vegas sign, which is starred in many Hollywood movies. There is a long queue in front of the sign, obviously people wanted to take pics with it :). We also took some photos of the famous sign, but getting in front of the line was hard. We thought there will probably be only a little commotion like in front of the border signs. But as you now know, there is going to be mobs all over the sign.

Then we decided to check the Treasure Island Casino which we will be visiting that night along with the Volcano show outside the Mirage and the fountain of the Hotel Bellagio. So, as I was saying, we went to the hotel and started to roam around. When we entered, my mom saw a store and (you know what is going to happen) said she wants to shop there. My family and I searched the whole store on my mom’s order and found nothing she wanted. So, my mom announced that we are going to get an angel token for my teacher along with one more for my mom’s friend. When we entered the casino, we saw a lot of shops, there was one in particular that had a tusk of a mammoth that had curving inside it that showed a war in China/Japan.

Then my mom assured us that we are going to go to the adventure dome in the hotel where we are staying at. When we were getting our tickets we took photos with different backgrounds. Then we got an all day pass. The money we had to pay was $32 for people 48 inches or taller and $18 for people that are 48 inches under, so about $100. With the pass we got a wristband so the people could check that we actually paid for the pass. There is a roller-coaster named canyon blaster, a lot of small rides and an arcade with lot of games even a bumper car ride named canyon cars. But to sum it up, we got into a most of those awesome real good rides. Then my sister wanted to go on the carousal so, I went with her. The funny thing is that my sister did not want to get off the carousal, so we had to wrestle her away. My sister could not get on most of the rides because only some were suitable for her height. My mom and sister went back to the room to rest while I tried to win dolls for my sister. I was so successful and lucky that we got an extra one for my mom. We were hungry after all of those rides that we decided to buy some ice cream sundaes. After that we were ready for a small small nap.

We woke up around 8:00 P.M and had a small dinner. We really needed to go fast on our small tourist route of Treasure Island and Bellagio. We started off with our first destination – The Mirage Volcano Show. We took our car and parked it at the Treasure Island parking garage and took the tram to The Mirage hotel where we got of and reached the place where the Volcano show is going on. We realized that we were late because the show was almost over. But my dad got a lot of pics, or at least I think so. There a couple of ants bit me and I was dancing like I had my back on fire. From there our next stop was the Caesars Palace. But this time I had to say bye-bye to car because we were walking on foot. Along the way we passed by some Roman/Greek statues. After what seemed like 50 million minutes we finally reached what looked like the Caesar palace. Next to it there is Gordon Ramsay Hell’s kitchen. But at the opposite side of the road there was a Ferrari car parked advertising some company. We took some photos of it and started going forward to our destination with a bottle of water as our refreshment, but as soon as I climbed the stairs to the pathway to Caesar palace, I was sooo hungry and tired after all that walking. Even if we did not go to Paris to see the real Eiffel Tower up close or the miniature one down the street I saw it in the view from the top of the bridge. Now all I needed to do to reach Caesar palace was to go through a bridge. But it was over the road which is kind of weird if you ask me. As soon as I got in, I wanted to go to all the restaurants in that area but that dream ended with one reason: my parents did not bring their wallet. We finally got through the Caesar palace and to our next destination – the Bellagio fountain to see the fountain show. There were storm troopers and other characters in movies around the fountain and the show lasted for about 30 minutes. The water looked like it was actually levitating all over the place. But sometimes I was just thinking about how tired I was and how hungry I was.

When my dad got enough photos, we started going back to our hotel in a big long journey which I think lasted for hours. The moment I got back I wanted to sleep but I had to go bathe as it was too hot outside. Then I gladly ate even if I did not like the food. Then of course, we slept finally crashing with exhaustion.

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