A trip to US West – Day 10

July 13, 2019

We departed from Williams, AZ with a cup of coffee and some pancake with honey. I devoured the pancake and at the same time savored the honey. When we were done, we got dressed and ready for our next destination. Our plan was to go to Las Vegas by route 66 and in the way we wanted to see the Hoover Dam. We got in to the car and started driving onward to our first destination. On the way we stopped at Ash Fork the beginning to our route 66 journey. Before we hit the road, we got into a gas station and filled the tank.

After that, we cut through Lewis avenue and went back to proceed to the extremity of our destination. Some time passed and we entered route 66. When we came by the Crookton area, we saw a train coming from our left. It’s a long one with many, many, many wagons. I was trying to count the wagons. Then, we stopped by an old town named Seligman. It took about 30 minutes from Ash Fork to reach there. I desperately wanted to go to restroom and my dad stopped at a shop.

When we finished our business, 😉 my mom wanted one magnet. But instead ……….(drum roll please)……………………… we gave her two 🙂 . Sorry if you did not like me wasting your time with this silly “drum roll please” thing. We did continue our journey though. Some more time passed by and there were some boards with different wordings in the right side of the road, that made us laugh, think and obviously stay awake. Then we reached Kingman and we turned right to exit from route 66 and enter the Interstate high way. From Kingman, we turned right which leads to Las Vegas through Hoover Dam.

After an hour of boredom, we finally reached Hoover Dam. We crossed the dam and parked in a place at the bottom of a lookout point. In the car we had our rice lunch and set out to explore. It was too hot outside. Suddenly mom yelled “ahhhhhhhh! the killer bugs are gonna kill us” – well, she more like thought it and told us. Actually there were some bugs that were flying around the dam and bugs started to bite my mom that’s all that happened. My family and me wanted to go to the restroom, so we went on to look for one. After walking for sometime, we found a restroom in one of the pillars. After that we went to the Hoover dam angel statues. It was so hot that we wanted to go inside and cool ourselves.

Angel Statue

We decided to go inside the museum. There was a checking line that looked like people from the airport that forage for explosives in the bags. We had to remove our belts, bags, watches, and shoes. In the interior of the museum there are boards that says the history of how the monolith dam was made and info about how the turbines in the dam work.

To top it of I have read about the rumors on anti-gravity, Illuminati signs and the destruction of the dam foretold in the fifty dollar bill in google, but these tiny bits of information is not in the dam’s museum. And as a warning don’t look to far in those websites though!

We explored some more in the museum and got back to the car after the long day.

We noticed the welcome sign to Nevada state when we were entering to Hoover dam. We wanted to take picture, there, but we are not allowed to stop the car on road. So we decided to park in the parking lot and walk to the sign.

Me and my dad started to go on a zig-zag path. My mom and sister didn’t want to take the snaps because it was too hot and they were tired. Literally we were running to reach the sign as it was too hot. After taking some snaps we headed out of the dam to the lake Mead overlook.

We didn’t spend much time there as we wanted to reach Vegas before night. From there it took about forty-five to fifty-five minutes to get to our hotel in Las Vegas that we were staying in. We stayed in the Hotel-Casino named “Circus-Circus”. It has a variety of entertaining things to do there for adults, juveniles and little kids. So to summarize it, the hotel has a casino and an amusement park. When we got there it was bustling with people. It is a place where I call crowded. My mom and I waited with my sister at the waiting lounge while my dad was checking in. This process took about a good 45 minutes. When we got to the room we took some time to enjoy the soft bed like anyone should in their vacay. Then (with me not agreeing), we went to check the hotel’s fun places.

After spending some time downstairs, we headed back to the room, had some food and went to bed early. A hotel stay is not complete without a television night for me ;), but I soon fell asleep. Next day, we need to explore Vegas as well as the amusement park at the hotel.

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