A Trip to Telluride, CO

11 Oct, 2019

It was four months since our last trip; the US West road trip to some of the national parks of well, the West. So this post is about me and my family’s trip to a place in Colorado called Telluride. We had to cross one state to reach there – New Mexico, and reach Colorado where Telluride is.

We started our journey in the afternoon. As soon as we started our journey, I took a nap in the car and woke up sometime later when it was close to sunset. I was slightly hungry after the nap and started eating a South Indian snack named “Achappam”. We saw the sun setting beautifully and putting colors in the sky. But we could not enjoy the view because we were in the Highway and could not stop the car. We watched the colors of the sunset go down and started to see stars in the rural area that we were in at that time. Next, we stopped by on a train track intersecting with the road. Well, more like had to stop. This happened near the town called Farwell next to the Texas – New Mexico border. After spending some time in the railroad crossing, we started our journey again. We sticked to the road and eventually reached a town that was kind of deserted. Even the roads near it had a ghostly vibe. But I told myself till the town passed that I was just feeling that. It was well past midnight so I decided to sleep.

I woke up the next day, while the car was parked near a gas station near Bloomfield, New Mexico. My Family was already awake and enjoying the sunrise in the barren land that had little vegetation. We got some coffee (except for my sister who wanted to taste it very badly). Then we continued the journey. Along the way we saw the colorful Colorado sign. We kept going to reach Telluride. After an hour later, we saw some deer and my dad tried to photograph them but he failed as they ran away only to cross the road and make us think that we missed our amazing chance to take a snap of a wild one. We stopped at a lake and ate our breakfast. We heard a sound like crickets chirping but, with the same one-click sound nonstop. We found out later that it was a woodpecker and told my sister not to be afraid. I wanted to collect one of its feathers so I started following it but, it flew away. Then we hit the road and resume our journey. On the way we saw a river that was half frozen. We stopped the car and I wanted to see how it looks like. It looks too amazing that we were busy playing Godzilla, throwing rocks at the river and breaking the ice :).

Our next stop is Trout lake obviously in Colorado and it is not the lakes in Washington state or in Virginia state. It is about 1 hour away from the frozen river that we saw that day. Like the river, this lake was frozen but only at the edges so we could not play Godzilla at the lake because the sun already did it. My dad took a scenic photo stopping the car in the road side. We entered the lake after that and just enjoyed the breeze and wind for a good thirty minutes and had well, fun trying to throw the rocks and make it skip across the water.

Trout lake – View from road
Trout Lake

After spending some time there, we hit the road again to our next stop – Alta lakes.

It takes about 30 mins from Trout lake. We have to go uphill to reach the lakes and the road was full of rocks and not paved. Both sides of the road looked beautiful even though the color of the leaves were dull. The day before it was snowing, so there was some snow on both sides, which was not melted completely.

There are 2 lakes and one of them was frozen and other one was frozen at the edges. We could hear the ice shattering sound, and I tried to throw stones over it.

Alta lake
Alta lake
Alta lake

I played trying to skip the stones on the ice surface. We spent some time there and had our lunch. My sister also played in the small patch of snow.

We resumed our journey to Telluride and as per Google map, it will take less than one hour to reach the hotel that we booked.

On the way back, we stopped at the “ghost town”. Only my dad got out to take some snaps, we all were tired and took rest in the car.

Ghost Town
Ghost Town

After taking some snaps, we headed to Telluride and reached hotel and checked in.

To be continued……

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