A trip to US West – Day 6 & 7

UTAH – Life Elevated

July 09,2019

Today, we are leaving from Arches to our next destination. Our plan is to start early morning and take some night photos in Arches and then start our journey so we can reach Monument Valley before Sunrise. We will spend some time there and head to Page.

We woke up around 1 AM and got ready. I was still feeling sleepy, also excited to continue the journey, so we can explore the new places. We went to the Arches for the night photos. We first stopped at Balanced Rock to take the milky way shot. Mom and us were sitting in the car and dad went to take the shot. There was another photographer who was taking the night shot there. While dad was taking the photos, me and mom were watching the night sky and tried to identify the constellations. My sister was sleeping in the car.

Milky way at Balanced Rock

From Balanced rock we went to The Windows. My dad wanted to do some light painting at Double Arch. This time, I also went with dad so I can help him with lights. We spent some time there and headed back to car, so we can start our journey to reach Monument Valley on time. From Arches, it takes more than 3 hours, so we started by 2:30 AM from Arches.

Double Arch

Dad was driving the car and we all slept on the way. Our plan ws to take the photo of the Monument Valley at sunrise from Forrest Gump point. We can have a distant view of Monument Valley from here. The point got this name from the film Forrest Gump, where he ended his cross-country run in the movie.

We reached here just before sunrise and my dad setup his camera to take the sunrise photo. The rainbow colors over the Monument Valley is awesome. While the sun was rising, dad took some photos of mine too 🙂

Jump at Forrest Gump
View of Monument Valley from Forrest Gump point

After the sunrise, we headed to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. It’s located at the Utah-Arizona border.The gate to the park was open, but the visitor center was not open when we reached there. We found the Gift shop and the restaurant open, so we just went in and freshen up ourselves, got some coffee. My sister found a doll that she liked at first glance and she grabbed it and asked my dad to get it for her. I saw several “dream catchers” which I wanted to buy, and my dad got one for me.

While I was searching through the craft items in the gift shop, my parents were talking to the staff over there on how to get inside the park. It has guided tour as well as non guided tour. There are some places in the park which can be reached only by the guided tour. We took the non guided tour, so we can drive in our car itself. After the small shopping, we headed to the car. We had some bread and peanut butter as our breakfast and started our drive through the park. It’s a graded dirt road which will show you around the park. We can see the major monuments on the way. Below are some of the photos that is taken.

View inside Monument Valley
View inside Monument Valley
View inside Monument Valley park
View inside Monument Valley Park

After completing the loop, we reached the parking lot, where we started from. Our next destination is Page, Arizona, on the way we will be visiting the Antelope Canyon X. We started our journey. As soon as we left the park, we saw the “Welcome to Arizona” sign. It’s in the middle of a barren land, where there is less vegetation.

Welcome to Arizona sign board

It’s almost 11:30 AM, we need to reach Page before 3:00 PM. We have booked the tour to canyon X at 3:00 PM. From Monument Valley, it takes only 2 hours to reach Page.

I was sleeping most of the time, we reached Antelope Canyon office by 1:30 PM. Our booking is for 3 PM and we need to wait one and half hour. So my dad decided to check in the office if we can pre-pone the tour. Luckily the group for 1:45 was small, so they confirmed we can join that group.

We didnt go for the famous Antelope canyon as we heard it’s so crowded, so we picked Canyon X, also suggested by one of my parents’ friend.

We are not allowed to go by our own car. The office has 4 X 4 vehicles that will take us to the canyon entrance. It’s a ten – fifteen minutes drive to the canyon entrance from the office.

As soon as we reached, we met our guide, Chris. He is a student doing part time job in the Canyon as a guide. Chris took us to the first slot canyon. It is a short walk through the slot canyon. I was holding the Gopro to capture some photos/videos. I need to learn how to take nice pictures from my dad, as not all of the photos which I took was good.

The canyon looks so beautiful and colorful. We tried to throw some sand to take some beautiful pictures. In between Chris played his flute which so soothing to the ears. After the first slot canyon, Chris took us to the second canyon. It’s also beautiful and colorful. We spend some time, taking snaps. After the second canyon, the tour is over and we headed back to the entrance. We took some rest and waited for the transport vehicle to pick us and take back to the car. Everyone in the group was so happy and amazed by the beauty of the canyon.

Canyon X
Canyon X
Canyon X
Canyon X
Canyon X
Canyon X
Canyon X
Canyon X

After the Antelope canyon, we headed to the hotel and checked in. After taking some rest, we went to the Horse Shoe Bend. We parked our car and started the hike to the view point. My sister was also excited to walk. We reached the view point before the sunset, so my dad could take some sunset shots.

While my dad was taking photos, my mom, me and my sister were sitting away from the bend, as it’s dangerous for my sister as she was running here and there. Me and my sister were climbing the rocks and was playing, while my mom was busy on a call.

Horse-Shoe Bend
Horse Shoe Bend
Sunrise @ Horse Shoe Bend
Sunset @ Horse Shoe Bend

After sunset, we headed back to the hotel as it was a long journey that we started early morning. We all needed some rest. We have not planned anything for the next day. My dad wanted to take some sun rise pictures at the Horse shoe bend. Lake Powell is also in the list, but not in the morning, we will relax and go, may be in the evening.

July 10, 2019

Next day morning, dad went to take the sun rise photo while we all were sleeping. Dad came back by 8 and we all had breakfast. Since we have not planned anything for the day, I started watching TV and my baby sister started exploring the hotel room as she didnt get chance on the previous day. My mom switched on her laptop and was checking emails, and dad was busy copying all the photos from the camera. Half day went like that, and then we decided to explore Page downtown and Lake Powell in the evening.

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River. Glen Canyon Dam is built on Colorado river, which created the Lake Powell. It’s a popular recreation area in Page. Glen Canyon Dam is an arch dam, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the U.S. Lake is famous for boating and fishing, also it’s a famous location for movie shooting.

Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam
Massive Turbine – Glen Canyon Dam
Lake Powell – View from Glen Canyon Recreational Area

After spending some time in the recreational area, we thought to drive through the Page downtown. We did some shopping there and went back to hotel, so we can go to bed early, and start early next day, back to Utah – Zion National Park.

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